Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Chrome colour

Colour Flash is a world famous company, which provides Car Colouring Services, Auto Paint Service to both trade and public customers.

colour flash

Ideal for restoration and customising work where filler and resins have been used to fill holes, dents and scratches. Something that is impossible to do with traditional chrome plating.

The term "chrome" is not necessarily a color, it is rather a term used to describe a metallic silver colorcar colour

The colour finishing process combines plating technologies with spray finishing technologies, to produce high quality and long lasting alternatives to the usual electroplated finishes like chrome or gold. Along with our full range of repair, polishing and electroplating services for restorers and customisers, candy coloured chrome opens the door to many new options and combinations for a unique or innovative look on a range of objects. chrome colour

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