Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Computer Monitor Problems :How to Fix Them?

Computer monitor problems can cause due to many reasons. Some problems have nothing to do with the monitor itself. Read on..

It is common to come across a few technical problems for an individual if they have been working on the computer for a considerable period of time. Generally, people are able to tackle and fix the technical problems related with a computer easily. But the scenario could be a whole lot different if the computer problems are related with the computer screen i.e. if it happens to be computer monitor problems.

There are a number of common monitor problems of computers an individual may come across, but they need to determine whether the problems are complicated enough which may require the user to separate the monitor from the computer system and take it to a computer repair shop or can be solved at home itself. There are some computer monitor problems which can be safely tackled by the user themselves. Some of the common monitor problems are discussed below: · The monitor of a computer is known to hold large amounts of electricity which is sufficient enough to severely injure or kill a person even if the computer is in low power state. This is the reason why it is better to get the monitor checked by a trained professional on regular intervals rather than trying to fiddle with it all by ourselves.

· One of the most common problems is when the computer monitor fails to blink the green light, which indicates that the computer is not attached to any source of power. Most of the monitors normally include an activity light in their front which is automatically turned on as soon as the computer is switched on. However, if the monitor fails to blink the green light, it will not get turned on thus, indicating that the monitor is not able to receive any power. An individual can easily tackle this problem by checking whether the monitor plug is properly attached to the main power switch or not.

· Another computer monitor problem is that the lights are turned on, yet the monitor fails to work and connect with the power switch. In such situations where the green light is turned on but the monitor is not able to depict any images on the screen, it is better to check the resolution settings. It could be possible that the brightness and contrast settings were accidentally changed, thus turning the screen pitch dark.

· Poor picture quality is yet another common PC monitor problem which may seem frivolous but can actually hamper the user’s performance. The image on the screen may appear blurry or distorted at times. This problem can be easily treated by restoring the default settings of the screen resolution. Some computer screens are not able to clearly represent images which have a relatively higher screen resolution. In such situations, it is better to check the resolution settings once again so that the monitor can clearly depict the image.

· Another common monitor problem is that individuals do not take care of the safety instructions and end up cleaning the surface of the screen with liquid detergents which may harm the monitor again. It is better to use a dry cloth to clean the monitor screen and steer clear from liquid cleaners.

If it s genuine hardware problem of the monitor then it is bit hard to fix at home. Only specialized technicians can repair these problems.

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